Next Generation Crank Flashlights Have Arrived

Imagine never having to worry about readily available light. Imagine never having to depend on batteries for your flashlight or lantern. Imagine having a flashlight that can also charge your cell phone, MP3/MP4 player, GPS unit or a variety of other low voltage devices. Now you can stop imagining and own a LightStorm CL1 or SL1 capacitor powered crank flashlight from Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc.

LightStorm CL1 and SL1 are the only capacitor powered crank flashlights manufactured today. This unique energy storage configuration can withstand severe hot and cold environments and provide decades of maintenance free reliable illumination.

LightStorm CL1 renewable energy flashlight is capable of lighting objects nearly 100 feet away with its high intensity center spotlight or project a broad beam light pattern that provides flood illumination for a distance of 25 feet.

Complimenting the CL1 flashlight is the LightStorm SL1 flashlight-lantern. This extremely versatile lighting tool functions as a lantern, flashlight, emergency flashing red LED beacon and emergency reflector that can be seen for miles. Designed for use in a variety of locations the flashlight handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, can be secured in a vertical position, conveniently angled on a flat surface or magnetically attached to a car or other metallic surface.

Remember both lights can charge a variety of low voltage electronic devices so you can always have your cell phone or music by your side. The charging system is not designed to replace your electrical outlet AC charger but in a pinch you have a backup that can be a real life saver.

The LightStorm line sets a new standard for battery free flashlight technology. To learn more about these innovative flashlights visit

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What Can We Learn From Mega Disasters?

The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant catastrophe in Japan highlights the fact that disasters occur frequently and with unimaginable consequences. The level of destruction along the costal area of Japan is difficult to comprehend. No country on the planet addresses emergency management and preparedness like the Japanese and yet the effects of the recent earthquake and tsunami demonstrate that emergency planning can only go so far in preparing for natures fury. So what lessons can be learned?

For starters, crisis management will never fully address the twists and turns that nature presents but from each disaster we can learn to assess our emergency plans and continue to improve our emergency management practices including making sure that survival gear together with emergency supplies and other emergency essentials are readily available and adequately complete. Preparedness requires being diligent about how to react to any number of situations. Thankfully most emergencies won’t be a 9.0 earthquake, Class 5 tornado or a Katrina size hurricane but something smaller in scale, which still carries the cost of personal injury or life threatening consequences. Take time to assess what can go wrong where you live and work and how best to prepare your family, the fact is disasters of different scopes happen all the time, whether nature or man made and accepting this truth is the foundation for appreciating that being prepared is the key to survival!

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NightStar RS – Supporting Children’s Education

It’s appears, fingers crossed, that our congressional representatives are acknowledging that in order to compete in the global market our schools MUST raise the bar with children’s education. The USA global rankings for science and math are an embarrassment. Equally concerning is that we are also discounting education in the liberal arts. Without imagination and creatively, the backbone for US ingenuity, we are digging a deeper hole to climb out of.

AIT cannot solve the national education issue but we can support the advancement of math and science by making available NightStar RS flashlights to schools, children’s museums, discovery museums and the like at deeply discounted prices. NightStar RS No Battery flashlights are an ideal tool for teaching kids about the fundamental principals of creating electricity and how energy generation and environmental stewardship can work together. Making science fun is essential to the success of our kids and for the future of our country.

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