NightStar RS – Supporting Children’s Education

It’s appears, fingers crossed, that our congressional representatives are acknowledging that in order to compete in the global market our schools MUST raise the bar with children’s education. The USA global rankings for science and math are an embarrassment. Equally concerning is that we are also discounting education in the liberal arts. Without imagination and creatively, the backbone for US ingenuity, we are digging a deeper hole to climb out of.

AIT cannot solve the national education issue but we can support the advancement of math and science by making available NightStar RS flashlights to schools, children’s museums, discovery museums and the like at deeply discounted prices. NightStar RS No Battery flashlights are an ideal tool for teaching kids about the fundamental principals of creating electricity and how energy generation and environmental stewardship can work together. Making science fun is essential to the success of our kids and for the future of our country.

About Todd Brown

CEO responsible for managing business operations and market development.
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