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Green LED Light – Unique Attributes and Applications

Green LED light has a variety of unique attributes and benefits. Most high brightness green LEDs emit light centered around 540 nanometers (nm).  This wavelength nearly matches the optimum sensitivity of the human eye in daytime and nighttime conditions.  For … Continue reading

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Red LED Light – Interesting and Useful Applications

Red LED light has several unique features, and consequently several unique applications.  Most significantly, red LED light has little or no impact on night vision.  Red LED light is also invisible to most insect eyes since they generally see in … Continue reading

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Emergency Disaster Relief – Preparation is Everything

Emergency disaster relief after a crisis is all about planning. It’s horrible to think about an emergency occurring to you or your family. Seldom is there any warning about when and where a disaster will occur and how severe it … Continue reading

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Business Success – An Arduous Journey

Business success is an accomplishment that few obtain, and those that try will certainly endure demanding if not agonizing challenges every day.  Sadly, in today’s economic climate the phrase “business success” is almost never heard, even when those striving for … Continue reading

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Trademarks are among a company’s greatest assets. Trademarks help drive product recognition and corporate identity.  A trademarked name identifies a product, and with the passage of time it may even become synonymous with those qualities imbued in the product.  The name Coke for … Continue reading

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Product Packaging

Product packaging is often underestimated and underappreciated for its impact on product marketing, manufacturing and distribution.  Product packaging is perhaps your first and only chance to capture the attention of customers who have limited time and money.  Product packaging must … Continue reading

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Next Generation Crank Flashlights Have Arrived

Imagine never having to worry about readily available light. Imagine never having to depend on batteries for your flashlight or lantern. Imagine having a flashlight that can also charge your cell phone, MP3/MP4 player, GPS unit or a variety of … Continue reading

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